Your mindset is an incredibly powerful tool. Everything that shows up in your life is a result of your mindset. Did you know that success is a mindset?

    Yes, that’s right, and if you want to achieve your goals, it is essential that you strengthen and condition your mindset for success.


    Gratitude is being thankful for all that has shown up in your life, the people, opportunities, experiences, and, yes, even the setbacks.

    Taking time to notice and reflect on what you are grateful for each day induces good feelings, improves health, and fosters greater levels of happiness.


    Empowerment is a driving force to attaining your goals, dreams, and desires. It enables you to stand in your strength, fearlessly forging ahead in the direction of your dream life.

    Being empowered is to thrive, live with purpose, be more resilient, and express your authentic self.


Ignite Life Mastery Academy is a personal development and transformation hub designed to help you remember who you are, take your power back, and reach your full human potential to achieve higher levels of success. You'll be inspired to create an extraordinary life you love so you can live a happier, successful, purpose-driven, and fulfilled life.

We ignite self-worth, build lasting confidence, and empower you to become the best version of yourself by identifying and eliminating subconscious blocks, your success barrier, and limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving the abundance and success you desire and deserve.

At Ignite Life Mastery, we mentor you to stop playing small, dimming your light, and hiding your inherent worth so you can fulfill your life's purpose, reach breakthrough levels of success, expand your awareness of who you think you are, what you are capable of achieving.

Dare you to step into the best version of yourself and claim the extraordinary life you were meant to live.


Kimmberly Capone

President and Owner of Kimmberly Capone Interior Design

Since working with Tania and implementing her strategies, I have hit record sales and increased overall revenue by 1.8 million dollars! With Tania’s help, I look forward to breaking more records.

Renae Addis

Executive Director, Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, Mississauga, Canada

I no longer ever play the victim or play small. Sometimes we downgrade the things that we are capable of and the things we are able to do moving forward. Tania’s techniques and strategies have been a significant part of helping me in my career and everyday life.

Nadia Sehra

Owner, Capital Finance and Mortgages

As a successful business owner for over 20 years, I thought I already reached the highest level of success possible for me. Since working with Tania, she has shown me how to build confidence and condition my mindset for greater levels of success. Thank you so much, Tania!

Lida Lisney

Owner/Operator, Inside Story Fine Lingerie, Oakville Canada

I love doing Tania’ s mindset workouts! The exercises condition my mindset for success, keep me focused and on the right track.

Valerie MacKenzie

Self-Employed IT Consultant, Toronto, Canada

Tania’s strategies helped me find some much needed inner peace that ultimately lead me to living a more balanced and happy life.

Luisa Morrone

Executive Assistant, Mississauga, Canada

Tania has been an amazing and positive influence. I have more confidence and feel empowered and able to conquer my self-sabotaging habits.

Andrea Marchant

Owner of As It Happens Photography & Coach House Weddings, Mississauga

On tough days, I think about what I’ve learned from Tania and the positivity, productivity and sunshine just flows!

Cheryl Dunham

Toronto, Canada

Tania helped me discover the roots of my negative self talk and taught me strategies to stop them. I now practice self love everyday.

Lisa Silveira

Working mother of 3, Oakville, Canada

Tania has inspired me to live an extraordinary life and taught me that it’s never too late to fulfil my dreams, no matter how small or big.

Marianthe Mesbouris

Sales Professional, Toronto, Canada

For years, I harboured negative thoughts and emotions towards others, by using Tania’s strategies I released it and now my interactions with everyone are better.